John Constable is a onetime academic who now directs the Renewable Energy Foundation (,

a UK charity publishing a wide range of data and analysis on the energy sector.

Dr Constable is one of the leading authorities on the philosopher of language and aesthetics, I. A. Richards (1893-1979); he is also the co-discoverer (with the Japanese physicist and economist, Hideaki Aoyama) of the mathematical distinction between verse and prose in English.

Although energy policy now takes most of his time, Dr Constable still writes on literary matters and has a continuing interest in the theory of aesthetics, with a particular focus on the relationship between metrically ordered language and the rich interpretational effects that readers often describe as being characteristic of "poetry". The following interview, "From Poetry to Energy Research", which appeared in Physics Education in 2007, gives some idea of the scope of his interests.

This site provides a selected list of writings, mostly on literature, with links to downloadable versions if available. Some are published here for the first time.

The notebook or blog is a collection of comments and observations on a variety of subjects from energy to ethics.

Contact email: john dot constable at ref dot org dot uk.